Snoop Dogg (Lion)

Snoop Dogg with Drake wearing Big It Up at OVO Fest last weekend! Check it out!!!

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Bob Marley

Bob Marley was an inspired lyricist and did not mince his words when it came to writing meaningful songs.

Check out the new Marley movie in theatres now... It is a film that needs to be watched at least 5 times to appreciate it's magnitude.

In honour of the great spirit we say viva Bob!  You'll live forever through us...

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History of the Flatcap

     The flatcap  (aka the ivy cap,  driving cap, poor boy cap, the Gatsbyor newsboy) was first worn in the 14th century. The cap then migrated over to the United States with the arrival of English and Irish immigrants who wore the style almost universally in their home countries. Flatcaps were deemed classless and therefore had nation-wide popularity, while the lower class wore them to work; the upper class wore them during leisure activities such as golf and polo. The flatcap has maintained its sense of style and practicality into the 21st century with LL Cool J sporting this timeless style as he hosted the 2012 Grammys.

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History of the Fedora

     The Fedora has had a long and colourful history, dating from the start of the 1900’s. It  began as an accessory for middle and upper class women, the name arising from a French play (of the same name) and the character of Princess Fedora. Later men adopted this style in effort to shield their heads from the elements. Around the 1920’s it became a staple for the gangster and the detective. The fedora was all the rage when it was consistently featured on the silver screen during the 40’s and 50’s film noir era. It can now be spotted on the heads of some of the most influential people in Hollywood. While some prefer the classic felt versions, today the fedora is also produced in light weight materials such as canvas and straw, making it not only stylish but practical for those hot sunny days.


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History of the Toque

       The Toque, originally referred to a brimless hat, or in France those fancy white hats that chefs wear. It was uncommon and usually worn by British aristocrats. The Toque as we know it today, assimilated from the French Canadian word “Tuque”, is first mentioned in 1870, and is defined as a “ Knit Winter Hat”. The style was mostly worn by fur traders within Canada, as a way to keep their heads warm during the harsh Canadian winters. Today the toque is a staple in style, whether it is cold or warm outside, a toque often comes in handy. It can provide you with the perfect excuse not to style your hair, or add that bit of nonchalance you have been craving in your outfit. 


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LEO37 ~ Fanfare (Music Video)

Toronto emcee & international citizen LEO37 releases his new track 'Fanfare' and delivers a classy promo video to support it.

 ...and yes, he is rocking a Big It Up touque!


 You can catch up with LEO37 at

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Perfecto Magazine ~ Issue 3

Fashion online magazine recently completed their amazing third issue featuring a number of Big It Up hats, including the Hi-Life Pork Pie.

Check them out at


Stone Rollin' - Behind the Scenes from PERFECTO MAG on Vimeo.

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Youth In Time ~ Mehendi Workshop

One of our supported charities Youth In Time is holding a Mehendi henna workshop on November 22nd. To RSVP go to the eInvitation or contact 647-866-0245 for info.

Visit for more info on Youth In Time.


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There's A Train A-Comin' (Short Film)

This summer we filmed our first promo film for Big It Up. The shoot took place in the TTC subway and features talented Toronto singer/songwriter Dane Hartsell. 

You'll also spot talented musicians Neil Brathwaite, Sam Rose, Peggy Kry & Waleed Abdulhamid. Did you spot special guest T-Rexx (Rap City host) who appears as a Judge in the audition scene?

 Jali is an aspiring musician who makes his money playing on the streets. Kelly sees his passion and takes interest in him. When Jali leaves his hat on the subway, Kelly does her best to return the hat to him.

Written by Sam Chaiton
Directed by Dameion Royes
Music Direction & Sound by Steve Foster

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Big It Up's 15th Anniversary Bash/Fundraiser ~ City Lights

It's hard to believe that it's been so long, this Saturday (October 8th) we are celebrating our 15th anniversary with a line up of some incredible homegrown talent! We've taken this opportunity to raise money for our charity initiative 'Youth In Time' which benefits young adults diagnosed with cancer from the ages of 18-29. The emphasis of Youth In Time is creating peer group interaction using creative and artistic workshops. Housed at Princess Margaret Hospital, Youth In Time is now in its second year with a dozen participants so far.

The event will be held at the Great Hall in Toronto, doors open at 7:00. The talented lineup includes Tanika Charles & the Wonderfuls, Dane Hartsell, Ian Kamau, Micah Barnes, Ania Soul, Steve Foster and a special stage performance starring the Baby Boyz. Tickets can be purchased online or at any Big It Up location for $25 ($30 at the door)

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